Analysis Paralysis?

How to Set Realistic Resolutions in a World of Endless Possibilities

A new year. A fresh slate. A world of possibilities ahead. But in a world of so many possibilities, analysis paralysis is real—and it’s way more realistic you’ll stay stagnant than stick to unrealistic resolutions. Not to say you shouldn’t try, but why not try a different approach instead? Instead of setting overly lofty goals, attempting a total overhaul, or trying to change your entire mindset, why not look inward to enhance the things you already love about your life? After all, this is your year, and you can do whatever you want with it.


Not sure what you want to do? Here’s some questions to ask yourself:

What are your favorite parts of your daily routine?

Maybe it’s making your cup of morning coffee. Maybe it’s those 10 minutes you spend doing your skincare routine at night. Maybe it’s crashing into your favorite spot on the couch at the end of a long work day. Whatever it is: How can you make it even better? This year, you could focus on perfecting your pour over technique, taking your skincare routine up a notch—or even home decorating. When you focus on something you already love, you’ll feel more motivated to stay on track, and more gratification when your goal pays off.


What things do you wish you had more time for in life?

Are you passionate about traveling, but can’t seem to find the time? Commit to exploring 3 new cities in your state this year. Do you love getting outside, but can’t manage it every day? Create a morning routine with I’m Outside Forest Bathing in a Bottle Spray to get your mind right. Maybe you love working out—but feel too drained by the end of the day? Try working it into your mid-day work break instead.


What could help you show up as a better version of yourself?

We all have a list of a thousand things that we feel like we should do. But why? If your goal this new year isn’t to totally reinvent yourself (which… it shouldn’t be), how can you just make your already existing self shine a little brighter? Think: Getting more sleep, starting a regular meditation practice, or even just putting your phone away for 30 minutes a day. Those little things can make a big difference—without feeling too overwhelming to even start.

Whatever you decide to spend your energy on in 2022, we want to remind you that you are enough exactly as you are. The idea that we need to completely overhaul our lives every year—that ain’t it for us. Instead, we hope your year ahead is spent becoming an even better version of who you already are. Cheers!