Get In Your Element at Home

Everyday ways to bring the outside in. 

The benefits of getting outdoors regularly are vast. From calming stress to boosting the immune system—and our mood—there are endless reasons to make being outside part of your daily routine. If being stuck indoors during these dark, cold, snowy months are standing in the way of your wellness, find ways to bring the outside in. Your mental health will thank you. 

Not sure where to start? Whether you’re a total green thumb or take more of a nature’s-best-from-afar approach, we’ve got a few ideas.


I'm Outside


Image: @aljahorvat

Much like forest bathing, keeping an abundance of greenery in your home can help boost your mood, lower your stress, and even decrease your risk of respiratory illness—all things we need now more than ever. If you’ve already got a family of plants growing strong, consider moving them around to create refresh your environment. And if you’re intimidated by the idea of becoming a plant parent, start with something low maintenance, like a snake plant (don’t worry, they don’t die).


I'm Outside

Image: @zeewipark 

No seriously, this one really is that simple. In the winter, we often get into the same daily routines, and opening the blinds, shades, or drapes to let more light in doesn’t exactly seem to-do-list-worthy, but it absolutely is. With shorter daylight hours that often coincide with busy WFH schedules, it’s important to take advantage of brightening up your space whenever possible. Not only will it make you feel happier and more focused, it can help you fight off illness and Seasonal Affective Disorder, and even sleep better. Time to move your desk right on over by the window.

I'm Outside

 Image: @archdigest

From hardwood floors to trendy rattan furniture, surrounding yourself with elements of nature can help you feel a little more serene, no matter what’s going on. Before you plan a total home renovation, consider a few simple things you can do that won’t break the bank, like putting up some reclaimed wood shelving, grounding your space with a jute area rug, or upgrading your organization with minimalist woven baskets. We’re feeling more centered just thinking about it.


I'm Outside


One of the most powerful ways to bring the benefits of the outdoors inside is through fragrance, and we’ve got just the thing: Forest Bathing In a Bottle Spray. With all-natural ingredients, our mood-boosting formula captures the forest air with phytoncides, the sunshine on your skin with a hefty dose of Vitamin D, and a microbiome boost with fulvic acid and microalgae. With a powerful blend of cypress, hinoki, spruce, Japanese mint, and pine, It’s not a room spray—it’s an instant mood boost in a bottle. Spritz accordingly.