Dose with D

Let's talk about Vitamin D and COVID-19.

With cities reopening, protestors shoulder to shoulder on the streets and summer travel inevitable, exercising precautions to prevent the coronavirus remain as important as ever. 

Can Vitamin D potentially play a protective role in keeping you safe? According to JoAnn E. Manson, MD, DrPH at Harvard Medical, it just might.


"There's emerging and growing evidence that Vitamin D status may be relevant to the risk of developing COVID-19 infection and to the severity of the disease."


The medical community has long-since made the connection between Vitamin D to immunity and boosted immune function against viral diseases. Recently, a correlation has been uncovered between those who have contracted the disease and Vitamin D levels as well as the severity of the illness.

So what are some ways to keep your Vitamin D status high?

Go Outdoors 

Go outdoors

The simplest way to boost Vitamin D levels is to get outdoors into sunshine which kickstarts the synthesis in your skin. 


Tuna, salmon and other fish are all sources of Vitamin D. Many foods are also fortified to supplement (cereals, dairy, etc). Check your food labels for concentrations of Vitamin D. See this list of healthy foods with Vitamin D. 

Supplement with I'm Outside


While diet and sunshine alone may help you maintain healthy levels, 40% of Americans are still deficient. Consider supplementing, either orally or topically. Mist I'm Outside Forest Bathing in a Bottle for the burst of Vitamin D you'd get from a stroll outdoors.