Find Your Natural Rhythm

5 Ways to Hack Your Routine, Naturally

As humans, we’re creatures of habit, and a little thing called our circadian rhythm keeps us on a bit of an internal routine. If you’re thinking “Ugh, routines? No thanks.” We’re here to help you rethink the way you can use your natural rhythm to your advantage—and how I’m Outside can help you supplement your mindset when you’re not all-in, naturally.


My Circadian What Now?

Your circadian rhythm (yep, we all have them) is like your body’s own internal clock. It runs on a 24-hour cycle to help let you know when you should be asleep, when you should be awake—and if you’re really cued into it, when the best times are to get focused work done, get in a solid workout, and other daily essentials.

Now, we all have a circadian rhythm, but they may not all be exactly in sync (this is why some people are night owls, while others thrive in the morning). Getting in tune with your natural rhythm, and finding ways to support you when you’re out of sync, can be a real game changer.


Hack #1 Use Light As Your Guide

The easiest way to either alter, or get super in tune with, your circadian rhythm is to shift your exposure to light and nature. For example, dusk triggers your body’s melatonin production—but if you find yourself plopped in front of a screen during that time, things are probably out of whack. Try to limit light exposure to hours that are naturally bright outside, and always try to get a healthy dose of sunshine right when you wake up.

Can’t get outside right after your alarm? A spritz of Forest Bathing in a Bottle will release the same awakening vibes.


Hack #2 Find Your Focus Times

For most people, their highest alertness level of the day will hit at about 10 AM… but that’s assuming you wake up at 6. But again, it’s all about shifting to fit your routine. So if you’ve got a big task to get done at work, block off some time on your calendar to knock it out about 4 hours after your wake up call.


Hack #3 Get More In Sync with Your Partner

Recent studies have shown that men and women have different circadian rhythm cycles, leaving men more alert at night, and women more so in the morning. If you struggle to find times when you’re both in the mood naturally, don’t stress—it only makes sense! As you age, you and your partner will likely sync up your routines and your circadian rhythms will shift naturally, but for now, reach for Mating Season to turn things up together.


Hack #4 Schedule a Siesta

Okay, maybe not a full-on siesta, but making time for a nap when you need it can help keep you on a regular routine. Your circadian rhythm likely reaches a low point of energy and focus in the afternoon, before it picks back up again in the evening, so an afternoon nap—preferably at around 2 p.m.—is often just what you need to get through the rest of the day at your best.


Hack #5 Get Better Sleep - Seriously!

The biggest perk of living in sync with your circadian rhythm? Better sleep—and in turn, more energy during the day. But if just sticking to a regular sleep schedule alone isn’t helping,  consider keeping your meal times on a strict schedule, or adding in some extra potassium to keep your systems regulated and functioning as they should. If you’re still having trouble catching some Zzzs, keep your eye out for a new natural formula we’ve got in the works.