Urban Outdoors

5 Ways to Get Outside in Any City

So you’ve had your summer getaway, and now you’re home for good. That doesn’t mean you can’t keep the outdoor vibes going. You don’t have to be in a forest or off the grid to soak in all the benefits of being outside—in fact, you can create an outdoor oasis in even the most urban areas. Here are our five favorite ways to get outside, no matter where you are.


1. Create a Garden

Even if it’s just in your windowsill! Tending to plants—and enjoying the fruits of your labor, literally—can be seriously rewarding, and encourage you to connect with nature on a more intentional level. While you may already have houseplants, those are a bit easier to forget about and let do their own thing. When you know you’ll be rewarded with delicious produce and herbs, you’ll make your mini garden, and in turn getting “outside,” a priority.


2. Hit the Farmers Market

If growing a garden isn’t for you, or you want to supplement what you grow, skip your usual grocery store run and visit a farmer’s market instead. Even if your local option is on a busy city street, it’s a way to spend less time indoors without adding any extra to-dos to your already packed list. To stay even more connected with Mother Nature while you shop, bring your own bags and bulk containers.


3. Reimagine Your Commute

Things are getting more and more back to normal by the day—but that doesn’t mean you have to go back to your old routine. If you’re headed back to the office, but used to take a car, train, or bus, see if there’s a way you can commute outdoors. If the office is close enough, a morning stroll can do wonders for your mood. If not, a bike or electric scooter can get ya there a little quicker.


4. Find a Park – And Then, Another

The good thing about big cities, even if you aren’t surrounded with nature daily, is that there are plenty of protected green spaces to make part of your daily scenery. But we get it, going to sit at the same park every day doesn’t exactly feel like the best use of time. Instead, try to find a park a bit further away that you don’t visit as often. Not only will you benefit from a change of scenery, you’ll also get in some extra time outdoors when you travel there.


5. Lean Into the Urban

When all else fails, and you just don’t have the energy to find an outdoor activity—head to Urban Outfitters. Yeah, it’s inside, so maybe we’re cheating a little, but while you’re there you can grab a bottle of I’m Outside for all those moments you wish you really were.