What is forest bathing? And does it involve a tub in the woods?

It's our mission at I’m Outside to get as many people out in nature as possible. The good feeling you get from being outdoors is more than anecdotal - innumerable studies have linked time in nature with lowered stress and blood pressure, improved immunity and microbiome, and overall happiness. See our Resources page for links to the studies.

Our Forest Bathing in a Bottle was inspired by shinrin-yoku, the Japanese art of forest bathing. Because we encourage the real deal when possible, we assembled your top questions about forest bathing into a simple guide. When you can, go outside. 

Q: What is Forest Bathing?

Derived from the Japanese term ‘shinrin’ meaning forest and ‘yoku’ meaning bath, Forest Bathing is simply to bathe in the atmosphere of the forest. There is no bathtub or water involved. It simply means to be in nature.

Q: What are some ways to do it?

          Go outside. Have a picnic. Read a book. Try foraging. Practice a seated                    or yoga meditation. Take off your shoes and let your feet touch the                            earth. There’s no right or wrong, so don’t get bogged down with                                expectations. The point is to remove active intentions and just exist in                      nature.

Q: Why is it good for me?

         Not just woo-woo. Ample studies have confirmed that being in nature has                 measurable health benefits. The fragrance released from trees (called                       phytoncides) lowers stress, boosts immunity and improves sleep.Sunshine               kickstarts production of Vitamin D, keeping our moods high and our immune           systems strong. Being in contact with soil helps to improve our microbiome.             Check our Resources page for links to the studies.

Q: What if I can't go outside?

There are many ways to get the benefits of being outside when you’re stuck inside. Incorporating our Forest Bathing in a Bottle mist into your routine delivers a dose of phytoncides, Vitamin D and a microbiome boost. We also created a guide with additional tips that can be found here.

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