Here It Goes Again…

3 Ways to Fight Pre-Spring Burnout (And Stay Optimistic!)

Another spring at last. Things are still kind of weird though, right? We want to be excited, renewed, and rejuvenated—but we know better. Even during this most optimistic time of year, it’s easy to experience a sense of burnout that a simple change of seasons won’t solve. But instead of leaning fully into cynicism, treat your mind and body to burnout-busting rituals that will leave you feeling as good as new, regardless of what’s happening out there in the real world.


A leading cause of the current burnout situation plaguing so much of the population (no pun intended), is chronic stress. We all know what momentary stress feels like—an increased heart rate, elevated levels of cortisol, that fight or flight feeling—but what happens to our body when the stress doesn’t stop? Basically all the same things, you just become less in tune with it.

So even if you don’t *feel* stressed all the time, you probably are. Which makes it super important to intentionally implement routines that you know make you feel calm. Whether it’s 30 minutes of yoga daily, starting your morning with a 5 minute meditation session, or simply taking a second to spritz Forest Bathing in a Bottle before you take your shower—don’t skip it!


No, not musically—but if that works for you, go for it! What we mean is your natural rhythm, or the way your stress and energy levels naturally rise and fall throughout the day. We talked about hacking your natural rhythm a few months ago, but if you’re in a state of burnout, it may be best to try a different approach.

Instead of trying to change your natural rhythm, find more ways to work with it. For example, if you know your energy and focus levels are naturally really high first thing in the morning, plan to complete your hardest work tasks at that time. If you know you typically have a lull in energy after lunch (most of us do), schedule a work break or a mental health walk, rather than trying to power through the lull. Your mind and body will thank you.


If you feel like you’re shuffling back and forth between your home office and your bed (or maybe your home office is your bed), you’re not alone. The day-to-day easily becomes mundane when your routine is anything but exciting. Good news, there’s a fix for that. And it’s fun—literally. 

As humans, time for pleasure should be a priority. In fact, it releases dopamine, or the happy hormone, which is a serious antidote to your current cortisol-crazed state. So whatever fun means to you, schedule it. Don’t flake. Follow through. Read a book. Try a new recipe. Watch your favorite movie (without doom scrolling on your phone the whole time). If you really can’t come up with anything else to do for fun, maybe Mating Season will help?